Recording is a diverse area and our work is no exception.

Solo Artists
On location
Original works
Arranging and Composition
Session recordings
Demo Recordings for all your promotional needs.
Mixing and Editing
Voice Overs





Getting a good vocal on your recording can really make or break your Song, Let us guide you through and help you achieve that sound you really want. We can arrange backing tracks for you if needed.






Did you know?

Different microphones respond differently depending on the voice that’s being presented.

We have a variety of microphones on hand to suit your voice and help you create the sound you’re after.






The Process

We can take you through the whole process of recording your material from the tracking, mixing and through to the mastering.

Additional Help When Needed!

We work with top musicians from all over, so if your stuck for a horn section a cellist or even a Triangle player we can help get the sound and the players to help you really cook….