The video DREAM OF GHOSTS endeavours to capture the emotion and visualise living ‘behind the wire’ in Cowra during WW11.

Dream of Ghosts – Musical Interpretation.

“During the research and experimentation phase of Dream of Ghosts, I felt drawn to the symbolism of the ‘sakura’ or cherry blossom as manipulated by the Japanese in WWII propaganda. How can such a beautiful and delicate flower be connected to such pain and destruction?
Inspired by a traditional Japanese folk melody,”Sakura”, I incorporated this in fragmented form to represent different ‘voices’ calling across the divide. Both confronting and reflective, trumpets evoke the bugle signaling the call to escape. Taiko Drums accompany the charge with chaos unleashed. Fire erupts, tragedy and shame loom as realization comes to bare.”

Toby Roberts July 2017

Longitude – The Artist Studio

Stephen Copland, Blake Copland.

Music Toby Roberts

Latitude – The Artist Studio

Stephen Copland, Blake Copland

Music – Toby Roberts


Toby the Hat Coffee Break inspiration…

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In Conversation with Toby Roberts for Contemporary Gallipoli Art Exhibition

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First Light from the Album Abstractions

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