Everything from creating a demo, to part arranging, voice overs, Adverts, family recordings to corporate, tracking to mixing and producing a final release ready for i Tunes, Spotify, CD or whichever medium you choose to release your work. Let us know you’re vision and we’ll create the solution. Just call or e-mail to get the ball rolling!


Composition has many different facets and desired outcomes. Composition can incorporate creating music for Ad’s, Film, Special occasions, or maybe you just have a tune that you want developed, arranged or scored. We are here to help you. We have worked with (and continue to do so) many up and coming artists, helping them to realize they’re vision. How can we help you?


We cater for the individual needs of students – regardless of their age. Student requirements are met in a positive and encouraging environment.
If you have the desire, we can help you realize that passion.
Tuition Courses Include:-
Piano *Keyboards *Brass – Trumpet and Trombone *Musicianship
Theory *Music and Technology – Garage Band and Logic * How to do home recording
Composing and Songwriting
Songwriting – this is becoming one of my most popular courses, want to know where to start. Simply e-mail or call (contact above).
Specialised tutoring available for NSW School Certificate and Higher School Certificate

Stonehurst Studios is all about passion, professionalism, patience……
with a healthy dose of humour thrown in for good measure!

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