Recording – Mixing -Production – SongWriting Composing -Tuition


Have fun making and creating Music. Everything from creating a demo, to part arranging, voice overs, Adverts, family recordings to corporate, tracking to mixing and producing a final release ready for i Tunes, Spotify, CD or whichever medium you choose to release your work. Let us know you’re vision and we’ll create the solution. Just call or e-mail to get the ball rolling!

Mixing and Production

Brass Session Recordings – Need some Live Funky Horns to give you’re tracks that Pro Vibe ,we’ve got you!

Remote Sessions – We’re currently working with amazing People from all over the Globe to make they’re awesome songs a reality!

Recording:Tracking Vocals, Podcasts, Live instruments. On Location or Remote, we’re here to help.

Tuition – Piano,Brass, Logic Pro, Garageband, Songwriting, Composition, Recording yourself and creating your own awesome Audio Content.

Tech Help! We get it, it’s not always as simple as it seems! we’ve helped countless clients to get to a place where they can confidently navigate they’re Hardware and Software and focus on the fun stuff…Creating!

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